Canadian banks are among the most highly rated financial institutions in the world. Here is a list of the best Canadian banks rated by Fitch, Moody's and Standard & Poor's. Ratings may be revised or withdrawn at any time by the rating agencies.

Rank Bank Fitch Moody's Standard & Poor's
1 Toronto-Dominion Bank Aa3 A -
2 Bank of Nova Scotia A2 A- AA-
3 Royal Bank of Canada A2 A AA
4 Bank of Montreal (BMO) A2 A- AA-
5 Federation des Caisses Desjardins A2 A- AA-
6 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce A2 BBB+ AA-
7 American Express Canada Credit Corp A2 n/r A
8 National Bank of Canada A3 BBB+ A+
9 Laurentian Bank of Canada - BBB -
10 HSBC Bank Canada A3 AA- AA-

Updated as of January 18, 2020