Metro Bank plc, a UK-based retail bank, offers current accounts with no monthly fee to pay. You can open a current account in store or via online banking. If you open the personal account online, your card will arrive within a few days.

Personal Current Account
Zero Monthly fees
No Minimum balance
Free transactions in Europe
Simple, hassle-free switching
Use your debit card abroad
Cheque book
Overdraft interest 15% EAR
MasterCard PayPass contactless debit card

Where can I use my card for free in Europe?

The countries which are part of SEPA (Single European Payments Area)
19 Euro countries – France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria,Slovakia, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal
8 non-Euro countries – Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia,Romania, Czech Republic
2 non-EU, Euro countries – Monaco, San Marino
4 non-EU, non-Euro countries – Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein

Outside Europe:
Card Purchase - 2.99%
Cash Withdrawal - 2.99% + £1.50

Cash Account
Zero Monthly fees
No Minimum balance
No direct debits for this account
You can withdraw a max of £300 a day from ATM
You can take money out in store – a max of £300 a day if you are aged between 11 - 15 and up to £1K if you are 16 or over.
If you want to withdraw over £1,000 you will need to give one weekday's notice.
MasterCard PayPass contactless debit/cash card
Faster Payments and Standing Orders